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Thursday, January 31

Information Table: Deloitte

Information/Orientation | Student Recruiting

Accounting students are encouraged to stop by Deloitte's info table to learn more about the firm, events they have planned for USU students, and opportunities with the firm.

1/31 at 8:00 am | Huntsman Hall | More Info

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

Conference/Seminar | Focused Friday

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is a globally recognized two-day summit organized and hosted by the Silicon Slopes organization and community. With some of the most prominent and leading minds in the tech industry taking the stage, Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is one of the largest and most prominent annual tech events in the world, bringing out more than 20,000 attendees.

Silicon Slopes Tech Summit features prominent keynotes, premium breakout sessions, breathtaking entertainment, unbelievable parties, incredible networking opportunities, and an exclusive screening of a film from the Sundance Film Festival. The amount of talent and experience that’s on display makes this a unique event that could only happen in Silicon Slopes.

Use the code SSTS19USUCC for free admission. Register at the link below.

From 1/31 at 8:00 am to 2/01 at 5:00 pm | More Info

MHR Preparation


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) teams up with the Master of Human Resources Student Association (MHRSA) to help students prepare for the MHR program. Students will receive personalized coaching to be successful through their next steps in the application and interview process.

1/31 at 6:00 pm | Huntsman Hall | More Info

Tanner LLC Jump Start Application Deadlines

Date/Deadline | Student Recruiting

Accounting students interested in opportunities with Tanner LLC should apply for their annual Jump Start Program. Jump Start is a 1 day conference held at Tanner's office in Salt Lake City and acts as the first step in the public accounting recruiting process.

Students should plan on applying for Jump Start the summer before they apply for an internship. Consult with your career coach to learn if you are in the right time in your education to be applying.

Applications for the program are due February 6th at 11:59pm.

Tax application:
Audit application:

1/31 at 11:50 pm | More Info

Asia Summer Program


Application Deadline: Asia Summer Program
Application Due: January 31, 2019

1/31, All Day | More Info

Global Opportunity Scholarship


Application Deadline: Global Opportunity Scholarship
Application Due: January 31, 2019

1/31, All Day | More Info




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